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Australia’s native wildlife is disappearing, will you help?

Australia has some of the most amazing and unique animals in the world. Sadly, many of our fauna and flora populations are in decline due to habitat destruction and urbanisation, invasive animal and plant species, and the adverse impacts of climate change. We need to fight for them or we could lose them forever.

We’re looking for Queenslanders to join us in raising awareness to protect native species. RSPCA QLD will continue to rescue over 51,000 animals each and every year, while you can help by testing your knowledge in our fun quiz and consider supporting our cause.

Help ensure your children and grandchildren will be able to experience koalas, wombats, and platypus in the wild. Challenge your knowledge of native animals and find out how wild you really are. There are five wildlife personalities from Wildlife Wonder to Running from the Wild, which will you be?


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The RSPCA works hard to protect all creatures great and small, from natural wildlife to beloved domestic pets, we seek to educate the public to ensure that no animal should suffer.

Our Animal Care Centres, programs and services in Queensland require over $49 million annually to continue, and we rely on the community for 96% of our funding.

You can help us by learning more about Queensland wildlife and the steps we’re taking to preserve them.